Graysen Sangster

If she owes you money, good luck!

Be curious Graysen Sangster, born Leisa-Marie Sangster

Are you looking for Graysen Sangster?

If you're searching the web for Graysen Sangster (aka Leisa-Marie Sangster), then chances are you've joined a long list of people Graysen has lied to, swindled, scammed, and been dishonest to.

Graysen is an interesting person for sure, but a lot of her stories (cancer, working for British Royalty etc) are often just lies. She's living a fantasy life, and often, she's living it at other people's expense.

She's left debts across not just Canada, but other countries she's visited and claimed to have worked in. She's left friends, partners, roommates and co-workers straddled with debt and seriously out of pocket. She disappears owing money, always promising to pay it back very soon, often borrowing money from one friend to pay back another.

Maybe you're reading this thinking that this web page is cruel, created by someone 'out to get her.' But ask yourself this; Why would anyone be out to get a normal kind and honest person? If Graysen is a good person how come this page exists at all? Think about it; How many other people do you know who have had a page like this created about them?

You want to believe she's a kind and honest person, and that this page is horrible thing that some nasty individual created, right? That's understandable of course. After all, if she is a liar and a dishonest person who has swindled and taken advantage of people's kindness, then you might just be another one of those suckers, and you don't want to believe that because you're smarter than that, right?

Well, bad news. If you had enough doubt about Graysen to search the internet looking for her, then you've found a big red flag! Sure, all of this is unsubstantiated hear-say, and you could make up all kinds of reasons why you can ignore this. However, you shouldn't, because those doubts that made you type her name into a search engine are doubts you really need to listen to!

So here's what you should do now.

Don't give her anymore money!

Understand that despite the fact she's told you that you're special, that she's sharing very private information with you because you're the one she trusts most - you're not! Liars use this tactic to control the flow of information and prevent people from discovering the truth.

Talk to your friends about Graysen. Tell them about your doubts and about this page.

Confront her, but know that she'll have a reason for everything. (Just as she's sure to have some story about who created this page and why.)

Listen to your instinct that bought you to this page! If her stories and excuses smell like bullshit, chances are, they're bullshit!

Don't feel foolish for believing her lies though. MANY people have. She's charming and likeable, and you're obviously not the first smart person who has fallen for that. In all likelihood you won't be the last either.

Finally, don't let Graysen rob you of your desire to be kind to strangers and new people you meet. If you decide to never trust another person then YOU are the one who loses out on the interesting and exciting people that you might have otherwise come to know. Don't let Graysen steal that from you too!

Good luck!